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  • Why I Might Consider Buying the Samsung S5 - Free Apps

    Samsung S5 Gifts -Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones

    The Samsung S5 has come out! If you are considering to buy it, you can always sell back your phones to TechPayout for top dollar.  Before I started to read all the jaded reviews on the Samsung S5, I went directly to the Samsung.com official page for the Samsung S5 phone.

    The first thing I noticed was that Samsung has cleverly distributed many free apps with the purchase of the Galaxy S5. I'm impressed that while they are essentially a hardware company, they did a little bit of media distribution with some SaaS apps-now that's some sassy in that SaaS!

    A few years ago with the Samsung S3 Galaxy phone, I was able to nab Dropbox for free for 2 years (50GB of data).  But take a look at the screenshots below.  There are over a dozen apps with paid services. These services come out to a few hundred dollars when you add them all up.

    The apps that catch my eye are:

    • Evernote premium for 3 months (get your notes offline)
    • Linkedin Premium for 3 months (great for job hunting and sales lead generation)
    • Dropbox for 2 years with 50GB- this is huge if you have lots of big files you need to access anywhere with a web connection! You won't ever have to max out your phone
    • Box is in here as well for 6 months - more cloud computing with editing docs on the go
    • Skimble is great for 6 months - you exercise on the go. Your phone has a purpose beyond music during workouts!
    • Wall Street Journal for a spankin' whole year - never miss extensive news for a year!

    I must say that Samsung is intelligent in trying to get its customer base to trade up their old phones for the Samsung S5.  Paying for all these services separately will cost you more than the phone itself!

    But if you're seriously considering getting the Galaxy S5 as your new phone, I would suggest the following:

    1. Quote your phone on TechPayout.com and see how much you can get for it

    2. Check your cell phone provider and see if you're up for a new contract

    You can do steps 1 and/or 2.  If you don't want to extend your cell phone contract, you can always get the cash you make for selling your phones at TechPayout and buy the S5 at the retail price.

    It's certainly a win win situation at this point!


    Samsung S5 Gifts -Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-2 Samsung S5 Gifts -Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones

  • TechPayout Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven Series : Evernote Offline


    Evernote released handwriting features for its Android mobile app.  This is exciting news for Android fans who paid top dollar for their cell phones!  This new feature is a combination of Penultimate for iOS with the good old features of Evernote.  I wanted to feature this in TechPayout's cell phone digital offline series because if you have Evernote premium for $5 a month, you can access your notes offline on your Android phone!  This includes

    The handwriting feature is a great one because it combines various apps all into Evernote. You won't need to double dip into a handwriting app and then import it into Evernote.  It takes me back to my Mac/iPhone experience. The Notes app syncs over iCloud and you can keep your notes all in one place.  However, you still can't do handwriting in this app.  You have to jump into Penultimate for your iPad/iPhone and bring it back into Evernote. Other work arounds included the skitch app by Evernote which is now more designed for marking up photos and screenshots.

    The Android Evernote app leaps ahead of its other mobile apps such as iOS in its very feature of handwriting. Both the iOS and desktop apps do not have handwriting capabilities.  Evernote Android users have bragging rights for now with handwriting!  You gotta love the Evernote elephant trunk-it's almost like you could sit on it all day like a hammock and write and type! Okay, I won't get carried away-but you get the point.

    Remember the super Evernote power tip: with Evernote premium, you have text notes, picture notes, and handwritten notes available with and without a data connection.  Carry a stylus and try out the new handwriting feature on your Android cell phone.  Let us know what you think!

    Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-evernote-android_chempng Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-evernote-android_toolspng

  • TechPayout Cell Phone Wireless Series : Bluetooth Revisited


    Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to connect many of your peripherals with your cell phone mobile device.  Not only are you paying top dollar for your cell phones but buying pricey bluetooth companions.  Let’s make the most out of your dollar and take a look at various bluetooth accessories you can use that will enhance your cell phone mobile lifestyle:

    Wireless Keyboard
    This is one of my favorite technologies I use for my phone. An android or iOS keyboard cannot replace a real keyboard.  Keep it wireless and keep it real with a bluetooth keyboard.  Call me a keyboard geek but the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is perfect and fit in your bag with an Origami case and you’re good to go. Your fingers will thank you later!
    Bluetooth Dongle
    If your laptop does not have bluetooth built in, fear not. Get a USB dongle that gets you ready in seconds.  Your bluetooth devices will sync in harmony not just limited to your cell phone
    Bluetooth earbuds
    You’ve heard of bluetooth headphones that save you detangling. But there are wireless bluetooth earbuds that are great for moving around with bulky head gear. Many athletes use it as a way to keep exercising without the hassle

    Bluetooth headset for your cell phone
    A common piece of bluetooth equipment is a bluetooth ear head piece. It’s a fantastic way of being able to move around and about without digging for your cell phone in your bag or pocket to take a call.  Everyone wins!

    Bluetooth speakers
    Think mobile and think music on the go! Miniature bluetooth speakers are popping around everywhere.  You can stick them in your bag and bring them to a friend’s house to jam.  Want to turn your iPad into a mini theatre?  Grab a bluetooth headset that will give you more decibels for your dime that those iPad speakers couldn’t!

    Bluetooth Health Devices
    Whether it’s your fuel band or FitBit, you’re going to encounter many more health devices on the market powered by Bluetooth.  The official Bluetooth SIG Blog even talks about Bluetooth socks that collect health information regarding diseases like diabetes.

    Bluetooth Wireless Transfers
    If you want to save data costs on your cell phone, you can easily transfer files between cell phones and other cell phones, or cell phones and laptops.  Instead of having a USB data cable to upload files from your phone to your laptop, (a messy process indeed), bluetooth is the way to go!  Instead of getting involved with my iTunes and cell phone music syncing, I blue toothed my mp3s. It’s a great way to file share without using up your email storage.

    Bluetooth is a great technology that will help you stay mobile and wireless with your cell phones.  With a variety of accessories on the market, you can stay tangled free and move quickly on your mobile devices

  • TechPayout Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven Series : Google Keep Offline

    techpayout-cell-phone-buy-back-google-keepGoogle Keep is a note taking app that works on the web, Chrome browsers, and Android.

    It’s an app that is quite often overlooked but a powerful note taking app that lets you easily:

    • Take text notes
    • Create lists
    • Make audio notes
    • Take photos and add notes
    • Putting reminders with time or geo-location (have the reminder pop up when you’re nearby a place)

    Google Keep for Web and Google Chrome Browser

    The notes are definitely available offline for Google Keep Chrome App.   The release notes section states that to save the web version of Google Keep, you need to download the Keep app from the Chrome Store.  For those if you wondering where you can get Google Keep on the web, go to drive.google.com/keep or keep.google.com.

    Google Keep for Android: Offline feature
    An unofficial and unspoken tip about Google Keep is that notes are available offline on Android.  So here’s the little work around.

    1. Install Google Keep for Android
    2. Log into your Google account
    3. Load your notes by skimming through a few
    4. Notice that when you put your phone on airplane mode (with no data), you can still access the Google Keep notes offline.

    You will notice you can write and read notes offline on the Google Keep Android app.  This might be an alternative to Evernote which charges you $5 a month for offline access.  I am an Evernote premium user with good reason as it’s supported on almost every device I use on a day to day basis.  Evernote’s technology is a bit more advanced so it’s an unfair comparison to Google Keep.

    If you don’t want all the bells and whistles, but want something simple and easy to use, Google Keep nailed it.  The UI is clean and the user flow is easy breezy.  The 4 buttons on each note app is not overwhelming but obvious. It’s one click for creating a new note type, and a second click is taking notes

    All in all, if we stick to note taking with some rich media, Google Keep is definitely worth a try.

    It works seamlessly with Android phones.  While there isn’t a Keep app for iOS, you can still access Google Keep on any Mac or PC.

    techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-Google-Keep techpayout-cell-phone-buy-back-google-keep

  • TechPayout Now Offers Free Shipping Box on All Orders


    Over the past few years TechPayout has served thousands of customers. We are proud to put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into our customer’s pockets for selling their old cell phones and tablets. We are always striving to make our customer’s experience great at TechPayout. We noticed that some of our customers did not have access to a box or printer in order to print their free shipping label. We wanted to ensure that everyone had the ability to send in their phone and get paid cash for their old device.

    At this time you can request a box during the checkout process at www.techpayout.com. After selecting the items you’d like to sell, continue to checkout. During the checkout process you will be asked if you’d like a box sent to you. Select “yes” and we will send you a box right away.

    We will also include a prepaid USPS/UPS label inside the box for you to return your products. Once you receive the box, place the items in the box and wrap them securely with bubble wrap or any other product that will ensure they are not damaged during shipment. Once we receive your products we will inspect them and make payment the same day that we receive the shipment.


    Please use your own box or padded envelope if you have access to one. It is important to note that if you request a box from TechPayout we will ship it to you via USPS and it may take up to five business days to receive it. In order to receive your CASH as soon as possible, using your own shipping box is the fastest method.

    When you checkout at TechPayout, we always provide you with a free USPS/UPS shipping label. We always pay all shipping. The only thing you need to do is print the shipping label, pack your products in a box, and send it to us via USPS or UPS.

    Using our prepaid shipping labels and your own box will help speed up the process and get your cash back to you quicker!

    If you do not have a box, envelope or printer, simply request a box and we will be happy to send you one.

    So what are you waiting for? TechPayout has you covered! We pay top dollar and are waiting to hear from you. Get an instant quote on your used cell phone or tablet now: www.techpayout.com

  • Start Getting Prepared for iPhone 6









    With Apple’s iPhone 5 being released more than one year ago, there are rumors and expectations for the iPhone 6 to be released sometime in September or October 2014. If you are looking to get cash for what is likely to be the best phone out there, one of the best ways to get cash is to sell your old cell phone. That’s right – right now you should be thinking ‘I want to sell my iPhone 4’ or ‘I want to sell my iPhone 5’ or even ‘I want to sell my S3’. If you think you are going to sell your phone after you buy the iPhone 6, then you might actually lose value on your phone.

    Many people sell their iPhones after the release of new iPhone. Due to the fact that so many people want to sell their iPhones or Galaxies, the price you will get after the new release is likely to be lower in comparison with the price you will get prior to the release. So in short – the right time to sell your old cell phone is roughly 30 days prior to your upgrade. If you have a broken iPhone and are thinking ‘Hey, I can sell my broken iPhone’ you are on the right track to exchange your broken phone for cash.

    Be ahead of the iPhone, Galaxy S3, and S4 selling mania when iPhone 6 gets released. TechPayout offers a 30-day price lock that enables you to order the iPhone 6 and still use your old phone until your new phone gets delivered. That’s right, if you know you are ordering the phone why not check out on TechPayout’s website to lock in that higher price for your old phone. We know you are waiting for that iPhone 6. Why not get top dollar for your old cell phone when you upgrade?

  • TechPayout Mobile Alert series: Kit Kat OS OTA Updates


    TechPayout's blog wants to get in the habit of regularly updating you on your mobile devices, which you pay top dollar for. Android cell phone users are beginning to get OTA (over the air)  updates for their operating system. Android 4.3 jellybean users can now update to Android 4.4 OS also nicknamed Kit Kat.

    I just got my update for Android Kit Kat on my Samsung Galaxy S4 for sprint. Here's a tip from a release manager in the biz: always look for release notes for your software update. Every single software update to your phone, especially major OS (operating system)  have release notes that give you details on features, enhancements and bug fixes. You can search for them on the Android website as well as your cell phone provider's website.

    I took the liberty of tweeting to @sprintcare about the release notes for my Android 4.4 build. They were kind enough to reply here:


    Here are the release notes for sprint.

    Knowledge is social! Does your cell phone provider have a twitter handle? Then tweet and find out about your OTA update. Email or call your phone provider about the
    major upgrade  to your phone. Do a quick google search with a query like: [Phone mode] [Cell provider i.e Tmobile, ATT or Sprint] OTA Kit Kat OS update release notes.


    It's your investment and you should care. Call phones have become a vital part of our day. Just as if something drastic were to happen to your home or health, you would want to find out more. If you can't get a hold of customer service digitally, pay a visit your cell phone store. Your cell phone provider can tell you about your phone, it's compatibility, anticipated updates and details for the updates.

  • TechPayout's Cell Phone Wireless Series : Bluetooth Sharing

    Wires begone! TechPayout's blog acknowledges its readers pay top dollar for cell phones so we explore wireless conveniences for you. It's time to cut the cords and explore file-sharing wirelessly across all devices!

    Whether it's an Android, Windows or iOS mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, bluetooth is a convenient way to wirelessly share files across devices.

    Pain points with cords


    • Android phones can read easily with PCs but then you have to wait for drivers to install in the background in some cases.
    • Android phones and macs usually don't play nice. Many times I had to plug in the the Android to my MacBook pro only to find it wasn't reading. Then I had to mess with getting the file on the microSD Card and then inserting that into my phone.

    iPhone and iPad

    • Apple is notorious for keeping a closed system for privacy reasons of both users and proprietary reasons. Also, when you plug in the cable, it will only share picture files and not really other files. If you are trying to share other files, it's difficult.


    • I haven't tested a Windows phone on a Mac or Pc so I can't comment on how difficult it is.
    • We can't have the above conversation if you forget your cord at home!

    Bluetooth, the wireless alternative:

    • Bluetooth is a great way to break away from the cords to get your file sharing done faster.
    • You can virtually share anything you want with no file limit. (I know you might be scared and tempted to email yourself files but remember that even Gmail limits attachments to around 10 GB).

    Curb the sweet tooth, and turn on the bluetooth:

    • On your iPhone /iPad simply turn on your bluetooth here.

    Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

    TechPayout-Cell Phone Buy back-bluetooth-menu-ipad-iphone

    • On your Android, look for the menu going across your screen and click the bluetooth icon.

    TechPayout-Cell Phone Buy back-bluetooth-menu

    • On your Mac, turn on your bluetooth from the top right.

    TechPayout-Cell Phone Buy back-bluetooth-menu-Macbook-Pro

    • On your PC, look for a bluetooth icon on your tray on the bottom right.

    Below are some examples of file transfers that can be done

    • iPad to Android
    • iPhone to Mac
    • iPhone to Android.
    • Mac to PC and vice versa
    • For Mac to Android
    • Mac to Android (example below)








  • TechPayout Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven Series : Dropbox offline

    As consumers, we pay top dollar for our cell phones, tablets and laptops. While almost every application we use has gone online and to the cloud, as end users we need to be able to use our programs offline too. That's why I decided to start listing out apps you can use offline as well in my Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven series. While almost everything won't be offline, in some cases you can have the files you want.


    • Dropbox is a fantastic cloud app that let's you sync any of your files across desktop, from a Web browser or from your iOS or Android devices.
    • This is a great app for your cell phones as you can access any of your Dropbox files on your mobile app-with an Internet connection that is!
    • But fear not as Dropbox's mobile apps for Android and iOS let you work offline by letting you save files offline into your phones. Check out the  steps below.
    For Android:
    1. Make sure you download the Dropbox app on the play store. Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-dropbox-android
    1. Log into your Dropbox account
    2. As your files populate in your app , look for a specific file.
    3. Touch the pull down arrow to locate a star or favorite button.
    4. Click on that star. By favoriting the item, your file will save offline into your cell phone or tablet.
    5. Keep in mind you need a wifi or data connection to have any files save offline. But once saved, you won't need to be online to access the file again.


    For IOS:
    1. Download the Dropbox app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


    1. Log into your app
    2. As the files populate on your phone, go to specific file.
    3. Click on star icon to save the file offline.
    Whether you are streaming a movie or reading a document, you can maximize your cloud app usage by doing it offline.

    I hope more mobile app developers come up with a solution to allow users to use their apps offline. In the past, when I would use iPhone and Android apps, it would be frustrating to know almost all apps needed an online connection. With more power to the user, and for the ease of the data plans, developers will come out with more offline features (whether that is for free or to be monetized by apps like Evernote).

  • TechPayout Cell phone offline digital haven series : Google Drive offline

    Google Drive is a popular cloud all that let's you view, edit and collaborate documents on the go. In this continued digital offline haven series, I go over how to get top dollar for your phone by using Google drive offline.

    Google drive has desktop and mobile apps. In this article,  we will go over the mobile apps for Google Drive.

    Google Drive is available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phones and tablets.

    You can download the iOS Drive at the App Store.

    You can download the Android app at the Play Store.

    Google drive for Android :

    1. Download and install the drive app
    2. Put in your Gmail username and password
    3. As the files populate, pick one file you would like to save offline.
    4. Go to the info button to the right of the file name.
    5. Click the slider to On.
    6. This will save the file offline.

    TechPayout-Cell-phone-buy-back-Google-Drive-Android-offline-1png TechPayout-Cell-phone-buy-back-Google-Drive-iOS-offline-2png

    Google Drive for iOS:
    1. Download and install the drive app.
    2. Log in with your username and password
    3. Find a specific file you want to save offline.
    4. Click on the info icon to the right of the file name.
    5. In the right hand panel, under "Available Offline," click the slider to On.
    6. This will save the file offline.


    To quickly test if you can view the file offline, turn on airplane mode and reopen the document. If it opens, this means your file has fully synced offline!

    Going offline with your files will save you time, battery power and data to access files you need ASAP! Google drive is a great app that is fantastic for online and offline use on your cell phones. You paid top dollar for your cell phone! Now make sure your cell phone is configured to give you the ROI you need for business and productivity!

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