May 17th marks “National Pack Rat Day”. We’ve all seen an episode of Hoarders, where the mentality is ‘waste not, want not’. Attics, basements, drawers, garages, even a backyard can be used for storage. How many used old used cell phones & electronics sit unattended in the United States? We upgrade our technology extremely often. How many laptops, iPods, and tablets do you have in your house?  Everyone has it, the unused Xbox 360, games, boxes and tangled cords.

You may have recently upgraded your cell phone and just thrown it in a drawer, knowing that it was probably worth something but you just never got around to selling it. Well good news for you, there’s an easy solution to sell your old cell phone and other tech junk… it’s called

Here’s how it works

1. Get a free quote on any item you would like to sell. If the item isn’t in their database of 500+ items, you can get a custom quote on just about anything
2. If you like the price you see, continue to checkout. (Multiple items can be added into one transaction)
3. Receive an email with a FREE shipping label
4. Send in your items and get paid by check or paypal.

3 Tips to remember when selling an old phone:

1. Clean up your phone – a clean looking phone is always worth more!
2. Check your account – make sure your phone has a clean ESN and can be activated with the carrier
3. Wipe your phone – Your personal data is precious. Although TechPayout will erase your phone for you free of charge, its always still best to do it yourself. Here’s a link to how to wipe all major brands.

So help the environment and earn some cash this National Pack Rat Day. Who knows what hidden treasures you will find around the house?

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