THQ Is No More, Major Companies Acquire Franchises

/THQ Is No More, Major Companies Acquire Franchises

THQ Is No More, Major Companies Acquire Franchises


Following THQ’s auction of its assets, the new homes of THQ franchises are slowly being revealed. According to multiple IGN sources as well as reports circulating on Twitter, Koch Media, Take-Two, Ubisoft and SEGA are among the new owners of THQ’s intellectual property and studios.

A hearing is currently underway in Delaware. Until the U.S. bankruptcy court approves these sales, nothing is finalized.  SEGA has reportedly acquired Relic, developer of Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

Koch Media (owner of Dead Island publisher Deep Silver) has reportedly agreed to purchase Saints Row developer Volition along with the publishing rights to the Metro franchise.

Crytek, who is currently developing Homefront 2, has allegedly purchased the rights to the Homefront franchise.

Take-Two (parent company of 2K and Rockstar) has reportedly agreed to purchase Darksiders studio Vigil as well as Turtle Rock Studios’ project codenamed Evolve. Ubisoft has reportedly purchased the rights to publish South Park: The Stick of Truth, as well as THQ Montreal, the current developer of Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets’ project codenamed 1666.

As a hardcore wrestling fan, I’m curious to see who will purchase the rights to the WWE franchise. THQ and Yuke’s have done a good, but not great job with the franchise the last few years. Perhaps a company like EA or Take-Two can take the WWE franchise from a mid-carder to an unstoppable WWE Champion ala CM Punk.

There are still many more acquisitions to be made that have not yet been announced. Keep up with all the latest news on this industry-changing story by visiting or by checking out Twitter.

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