Where to Sell Your iPhone for Cash

/Where to Sell Your iPhone for Cash

Where to Sell Your iPhone for Cash


Used iPhones are only as worthless as you make them seem. Most people are unaware that the decision to sell your used iPhone can be not only profitable but space-saving as well. Don’t allow your old iPhones to gather in drawers, desks, or even end up in the garbage – sell your old iPhone for cash today.

Many people ask the question, “Where can I sell my iPhone?” or “How much can I sell my iPhone for?” Well, TechPayout.com is without a doubt the best place on the internet to sell your old iPhones for cash. They accept every version of the iPhone, dating back to the now ancient iPhone 2G and all the way up to the brand new iPhone 5. Every iPhone is worth a different amount depending on the condition, carrier and model.

The iPhone 2G is the earliest model of iPhone that TechPayout.com accepts. The iPhone 2G ranges in price all the way up to $92.00 for Brand New (Yes, it’s unlikely that you have a brand new original iPhone laying around, but they want to pay you extra if you do).

If you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS sitting around the house TechPayout.com will pay you up to $77.00 and $107.00 respectively. In addition to the aforementioned models, the iPhone 4 and 4S are also available to be traded in. The iPhone 4 is worth up to $207.00, while the iPhone 4S trade in value is up to $302.00. You can even sell your broken iPhone and around $70.

And last but not least, you can also trade your iPhone 5 in for cash. Even a broken iPhone 5 is worth over $100, and they will buy certain models for close to $500.00.

You may be wondering, “How do I sell my iPhone?” Well it’s as easy as going to TechPayout.com. First, start by getting an instant quote on your iPhone, Samsung phone, tablet, or almost any other device. If you like the price you see, check out. At the end of the transaction, you will receive a FREE shipping label. From there, you ship out your phone and wait for them to receive and inspect. You can choose to be paid by check, which normally takes 3-5 business days, or you can get instantly paid via PayPal.

So there you have it folks, be smart and green when selling your old iPhone!

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