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Chromecast vs Apple TV

Cloud computing has gotten so big that it affects your television now!  Guess what’s replacing your cable television?  Yup, chances are it’s either the Chromecast from Google or the Apple TV.  These are devices from which you can stream selected entertainment and other digital media.  What’s even better is that these devices work well with your mobile devices.  Whether you have an Android phone or Apple iPhone, you can enhance your digital lifestyle with these devices.

They are both relatively affordable options. Chromecast is priced at $35 while the Apple TV sells for $99. So what is the right choice for you?

Thinking out loud on Chromecast vs. Apple TV:

Google tends to make technology that is collaborative and invites developers to build apps for the platforms they create.  Apple tends to reign in hardware control to secure profit margin and ensure quality assurance.  The beauty of Google is that they tend to make technology that will last through the hardware they support while Apple’s products get outdated after several years. The Chromecast is a cross-platform functional product that works across most of your mobile devices including your windows PC, Mac, iOS device, android devices and chrome browsers across all these devices.

Apple TV Supports:

iCloud: Apple’s cloud storage where you can back up media to play from

Airplay: using your iOS device or your Mac, you can mirror content from it.

iTunes: Music, Videos like TV shows and movies, iTunes Radio

Various media widgets including:


Hulu Plus


Disney Channel

Disney XD

Disney Junior


Watch ABC



Watch ESPN



NHL GameCenter

MLS Live


Yahoo! Screen


The Weather Channel

WSJ Live

Smithsonian Channel






Korean TV


Your Photos and Videos (from PC or Mac)

iMovie Theater: present your iMovie films from your Mac through your Apple TV.

Apple TV Requires:


The Apple remote it comes with

HD wire

Display monitor that supports HDMI

AC adapter to keep it powered


Chromecast Supports:

All desktops (Mac, PC) that can install the Chrome OS browser

*Mobile browser cast to Chromecast expected to come soon.

Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Chrome PCs



Hulu Plus



Google Play TV and Movies

Google Play Music


Red Bull.TV





RealPlayer Cloud

Chromecast Requires:


Display monitor that supports HDMI

AC adapter to keep it powered

Any device whether computer, laptop or phone with the Chromecast app or the Chromecast app supported (to function as the remote)

After thoughts on Chromecast vs Apple TV

After reviewing supported apps on Apple TV and Chromecast, Apple leads in the number of apps it supports.  It also seamlessly works with all Apple devices that support Airplay (including the Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads).

However, Chromecast also offers potential in the apps it may support in the future. When Chromecast was open-source, it had many more independent apps that developers added onto it.  Now as Chromecast focuses on iterating its product, they took that developer support away. However, amongst future iterations of Chromecast, I’m sure owners will find more apps that are supported in the near future.

Bottom Line 

Apple TV works great with Apple products while Chromecast works across the most common digital technologies people have (Windows laptops, iOS and Android devices and Chromecast).  Chromecast is more affordable and shows potential like casting whatever plays inside your Chrome browser.  Apple doesn’t lag behind in its Airplay capabilities.

I personally like the affordability of the Chromecast without being restricted to one type of hardware. Also, I don’t like working from a remote; what if you lost your remote?  How will you get your Apple TV to work!  But if Apple TV floats your boat, don’t sink it! Both technologies are designed to be seamless and work with your other digital peripherals!

What device are you using and what are your experiences?  Share with us!



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  1. motech December 29, 2013 at 6:09 am - Reply

    “Also, I don’t like working from a remote; what if you lost your remote? How will you get your Apple TV to work!”

    The Apple TV has an iOS companion app that not only will control it but will also act as a keyboard for it.

  2. Karl January 2, 2014 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    “However, Chromecast also offers potential in the apps it may support in the future.”
    As does the AppleTV, especially if they open the platform to iOS developers.

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