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TechPayout Cell Phone Wireless Series : Bluetooth Revisited

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to connect many of your peripherals with your cell phone mobile device. Not only are you paying top dollar for your cell phones but buying pricey bluetooth companions. Let’s make the most out of your dollar and take a look at various bluetooth accessories you can use that will enhance your cell phone mobile lifestyle:

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TechPayout Now Offers Free Shipping Box on All Orders

Over the past few years TechPayout has served thousands of customers. We are proud to put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into our customer’s pockets for selling their old cell phones and tablets. We are always striving to make our customer’s experience great at TechPayout. We noticed that some of our customers did not have access to a box or printer in order to print their free shipping label. We wanted to ensure that everyone had the ability to send in their phone and get paid cash for their old device.

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Start Getting Prepared for iPhone 6

With Apple’s iPhone 5 being released more than one year ago, there are rumors and expectations for the iPhone 6 to be released sometime in September or October 2014. If you are looking to get cash for what is likely to be the best phone out there, one of the best ways to get cash is to sell your old cell phone. That’s right – right now you should be thinking ‘I want to sell my iPhone 4’ or ‘I want to sell my iPhone 5’ or even ‘I want to sell my S3’. If you think you are going to sell your phone after you buy the iPhone 6, then you might actually lose value on your phone.

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TechPayout Mobile Alert series: Kit Kat OS OTA Updates

TechPayout's blog wants to get in the habit of regularly updating you on your mobile devices, which you pay top dollar for. Android cell phone users are beginning to get OTA (over the air) updates for their operating system. Android 4.3 jellybean users can now update to Android 4.4 OS also nicknamed Kit Kat.

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TechPayout Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven Series : Dropbox offline

As consumers, we pay top dollar for our cell phones, tablets and laptops. While almost every application we use has gone online and to the cloud, as end users we need to be able to use our programs offline too. That's why I decided to start listing out apps you can use offline as well in my Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven series. While almost everything won't be offline, in some cases you can have the files you want.

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