As consumers, we pay top dollar for our cell phones, tablets and laptops. While almost every application we use has gone online and to the cloud, as end users we need to be able to use our programs offline too. That’s why I decided to start listing out apps you can use offline as well in my Cell Phone Offline Digital Haven series. While almost everything won’t be offline, in some cases you can have the files you want.


  • Dropbox is a fantastic cloud app that let’s you sync any of your files across desktop, from a Web browser or from your iOS or Android devices.
  • This is a great app for your cell phones as you can access any of your Dropbox files on your mobile app-with an Internet connection that is!
  • But fear not as Dropbox’s mobile apps for Android and iOS let you work offline by letting you save files offline into your phones. Check out the  steps below.
For Android:
  1. Make sure you download the Dropbox app on the play store. Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-dropbox-android
  1. Log into your Dropbox account
  2. As your files populate in your app , look for a specific file.
  3. Touch the pull down arrow to locate a star or favorite button.
  4. Click on that star. By favoriting the item, your file will save offline into your cell phone or tablet.
  5. Keep in mind you need a wifi or data connection to have any files save offline. But once saved, you won’t need to be online to access the file again.


For IOS:
  1. Download the Dropbox app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


  1. Log into your app
  2. As the files populate on your phone, go to specific file.
  3. Click on star icon to save the file offline.
Whether you are streaming a movie or reading a document, you can maximize your cloud app usage by doing it offline.

I hope more mobile app developers come up with a solution to allow users to use their apps offline. In the past, when I would use iPhone and Android apps, it would be frustrating to know almost all apps needed an online connection. With more power to the user, and for the ease of the data plans, developers will come out with more offline features (whether that is for free or to be monetized by apps like Evernote).