TechPayout’s blog wants to get in the habit of regularly updating you on your mobile devices, which you pay top dollar for. Android cell phone users are beginning to get OTA (over the air)  updates for their operating system. Android 4.3 jellybean users can now update to Android 4.4 OS also nicknamed Kit Kat.

I just got my update for Android Kit Kat on my Samsung Galaxy S4 for sprint. Here’s a tip from a release manager in the biz: always look for release notes for your software update. Every single software update to your phone, especially major OS (operating system)  have release notes that give you details on features, enhancements and bug fixes. You can search for them on the Android website as well as your cell phone provider’s website.

I took the liberty of tweeting to @sprintcare about the release notes for my Android 4.4 build. They were kind enough to reply here:


Here are the release notes for sprint.

Knowledge is social! Does your cell phone provider have a twitter handle? Then tweet and find out about your OTA update. Email or call your phone provider about the
major upgrade  to your phone. Do a quick google search with a query like: [Phone mode] [Cell provider i.e Tmobile, ATT or Sprint] OTA Kit Kat OS update release notes.


It’s your investment and you should care. Call phones have become a vital part of our day. Just as if something drastic were to happen to your home or health, you would want to find out more. If you can’t get a hold of customer service digitally, pay a visit your cell phone store. Your cell phone provider can tell you about your phone, it’s compatibility, anticipated updates and details for the updates.