Wires begone! TechPayout’s blog acknowledges its readers pay top dollar for cell phones so we explore wireless conveniences for you. It’s time to cut the cords and explore file-sharing wirelessly across all devices!

Whether it’s an Android, Windows or iOS mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, bluetooth is a convenient way to wirelessly share files across devices.

Pain points with cords


  • Android phones can read easily with PCs but then you have to wait for drivers to install in the background in some cases.
  • Android phones and macs usually don’t play nice. Many times I had to plug in the the Android to my MacBook pro only to find it wasn’t reading. Then I had to mess with getting the file on the microSD Card and then inserting that into my phone.

iPhone and iPad

  • Apple is notorious for keeping a closed system for privacy reasons of both users and proprietary reasons. Also, when you plug in the cable, it will only share picture files and not really other files. If you are trying to share other files, it’s difficult.


  • I haven’t tested a Windows phone on a Mac or Pc so I can’t comment on how difficult it is.
  • We can’t have the above conversation if you forget your cord at home!

Bluetooth, the wireless alternative:

  • Bluetooth is a great way to break away from the cords to get your file sharing done faster.
  • You can virtually share anything you want with no file limit. (I know you might be scared and tempted to email yourself files but remember that even Gmail limits attachments to around 10 GB).

Curb the sweet tooth, and turn on the bluetooth:

  • On your iPhone /iPad simply turn on your bluetooth here.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

TechPayout-Cell Phone Buy back-bluetooth-menu-ipad-iphone

  • On your Android, look for the menu going across your screen and click the bluetooth icon.

TechPayout-Cell Phone Buy back-bluetooth-menu

  • On your Mac, turn on your bluetooth from the top right.

TechPayout-Cell Phone Buy back-bluetooth-menu-Macbook-Pro

  • On your PC, look for a bluetooth icon on your tray on the bottom right.

Below are some examples of file transfers that can be done

  • iPad to Android
  • iPhone to Mac
  • iPhone to Android.
  • Mac to PC and vice versa
  • For Mac to Android
  • Mac to Android (example below)