With Apple’s iPhone 5 being released more than one year ago, there are rumors and expectations for the iPhone 6 to be released sometime in September or October 2014. If you are looking to get cash for what is likely to be the best phone out there, one of the best ways to get cash is to sell your old cell phone. That’s right – right now you should be thinking ‘I want to sell my iPhone 4’ or ‘I want to sell my iPhone 5’ or even ‘I want to sell my S3’. If you think you are going to sell your phone after you buy the iPhone 6, then you might actually lose value on your phone.

Many people sell their iPhones after the release of new iPhone. Due to the fact that so many people want to sell their iPhones or Galaxies, the price you will get after the new release is likely to be lower in comparison with the price you will get prior to the release. So in short – the right time to sell your old cell phone is roughly 30 days prior to your upgrade. If you have a broken iPhone and are thinking ‘Hey, I can sell my broken iPhone’ you are on the right track to exchange your broken phone for cash.

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