Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to connect many of your peripherals with your cell phone mobile device.  Not only are you paying top dollar for your cell phones but buying pricey bluetooth companions.  Let’s make the most out of your dollar and take a look at various bluetooth accessories you can use that will enhance your cell phone mobile lifestyle:

Wireless Keyboard
This is one of my favorite technologies I use for my phone. An android or iOS keyboard cannot replace a real keyboard.  Keep it wireless and keep it real with a bluetooth keyboard.  Call me a keyboard geek but the Apple Bluetooth keyboard is perfect and fit in your bag with an Origami case and you’re good to go. Your fingers will thank you later!
Bluetooth Dongle
If your laptop does not have bluetooth built in, fear not. Get a USB dongle that gets you ready in seconds.  Your bluetooth devices will sync in harmony not just limited to your cell phone
Bluetooth earbuds
You’ve heard of bluetooth headphones that save you detangling. But there are wireless bluetooth earbuds that are great for moving around with bulky head gear. Many athletes use it as a way to keep exercising without the hassle

Bluetooth headset for your cell phone
A common piece of bluetooth equipment is a bluetooth ear head piece. It’s a fantastic way of being able to move around and about without digging for your cell phone in your bag or pocket to take a call.  Everyone wins!

Bluetooth speakers
Think mobile and think music on the go! Miniature bluetooth speakers are popping around everywhere.  You can stick them in your bag and bring them to a friend’s house to jam.  Want to turn your iPad into a mini theatre?  Grab a bluetooth headset that will give you more decibels for your dime that those iPad speakers couldn’t!

Bluetooth Health Devices
Whether it’s your fuel band or FitBit, you’re going to encounter many more health devices on the market powered by Bluetooth.  The official Bluetooth SIG Blog even talks about Bluetooth socks that collect health information regarding diseases like diabetes.

Bluetooth Wireless Transfers
If you want to save data costs on your cell phone, you can easily transfer files between cell phones and other cell phones, or cell phones and laptops.  Instead of having a USB data cable to upload files from your phone to your laptop, (a messy process indeed), bluetooth is the way to go!  Instead of getting involved with my iTunes and cell phone music syncing, I blue toothed my mp3s. It’s a great way to file share without using up your email storage.

Bluetooth is a great technology that will help you stay mobile and wireless with your cell phones.  With a variety of accessories on the market, you can stay tangled free and move quickly on your mobile devices