techpayout-cell-phone-buy-back-google-keepGoogle Keep is a note taking app that works on the web, Chrome browsers, and Android.

It’s an app that is quite often overlooked but a powerful note taking app that lets you easily:

  • Take text notes
  • Create lists
  • Make audio notes
  • Take photos and add notes
  • Putting reminders with time or geo-location (have the reminder pop up when you’re nearby a place)

Google Keep for Web and Google Chrome Browser

The notes are definitely available offline for Google Keep Chrome App.   The release notes section states that to save the web version of Google Keep, you need to download the Keep app from the Chrome Store.  For those if you wondering where you can get Google Keep on the web, go to or

Google Keep for Android: Offline feature
An unofficial and unspoken tip about Google Keep is that notes are available offline on Android.  So here’s the little work around.

  1. Install Google Keep for Android
  2. Log into your Google account
  3. Load your notes by skimming through a few
  4. Notice that when you put your phone on airplane mode (with no data), you can still access the Google Keep notes offline.

You will notice you can write and read notes offline on the Google Keep Android app.  This might be an alternative to Evernote which charges you $5 a month for offline access.  I am an Evernote premium user with good reason as it’s supported on almost every device I use on a day to day basis.  Evernote’s technology is a bit more advanced so it’s an unfair comparison to Google Keep.

If you don’t want all the bells and whistles, but want something simple and easy to use, Google Keep nailed it.  The UI is clean and the user flow is easy breezy.  The 4 buttons on each note app is not overwhelming but obvious. It’s one click for creating a new note type, and a second click is taking notes

All in all, if we stick to note taking with some rich media, Google Keep is definitely worth a try.

It works seamlessly with Android phones.  While there isn’t a Keep app for iOS, you can still access Google Keep on any Mac or PC.

techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-Google-Keep techpayout-cell-phone-buy-back-google-keep