Evernote released handwriting features for its Android mobile app.  This is exciting news for Android fans who paid top dollar for their cell phones!  This new feature is a combination of Penultimate for iOS with the good old features of Evernote.  I wanted to feature this in TechPayout’s cell phone digital offline series because if you have Evernote premium for $5 a month, you can access your notes offline on your Android phone!  This includes

The handwriting feature is a great one because it combines various apps all into Evernote. You won’t need to double dip into a handwriting app and then import it into Evernote.  It takes me back to my Mac/iPhone experience. The Notes app syncs over iCloud and you can keep your notes all in one place.  However, you still can’t do handwriting in this app.  You have to jump into Penultimate for your iPad/iPhone and bring it back into Evernote. Other work arounds included the skitch app by Evernote which is now more designed for marking up photos and screenshots.

The Android Evernote app leaps ahead of its other mobile apps such as iOS in its very feature of handwriting. Both the iOS and desktop apps do not have handwriting capabilities.  Evernote Android users have bragging rights for now with handwriting!  You gotta love the Evernote elephant trunk-it’s almost like you could sit on it all day like a hammock and write and type! Okay, I won’t get carried away-but you get the point.

Remember the super Evernote power tip: with Evernote premium, you have text notes, picture notes, and handwritten notes available with and without a data connection.  Carry a stylus and try out the new handwriting feature on your Android cell phone.  Let us know what you think!

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