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The Samsung S5 has come out! If you are considering to buy it, you can always sell back your phones to TechPayout for top dollar.  Before I started to read all the jaded reviews on the Samsung S5, I went directly to the official page for the Samsung S5 phone.

The first thing I noticed was that Samsung has cleverly distributed many free apps with the purchase of the Galaxy S5. I’m impressed that while they are essentially a hardware company, they did a little bit of media distribution with some SaaS apps-now that’s some sassy in that SaaS!

A few years ago with the Samsung S3 Galaxy phone, I was able to nab Dropbox for free for 2 years (50GB of data).  But take a look at the screenshots below.  There are over a dozen apps with paid services. These services come out to a few hundred dollars when you add them all up.

The apps that catch my eye are:

  • Evernote premium for 3 months (get your notes offline)
  • Linkedin Premium for 3 months (great for job hunting and sales lead generation)
  • Dropbox for 2 years with 50GB- this is huge if you have lots of big files you need to access anywhere with a web connection! You won’t ever have to max out your phone
  • Box is in here as well for 6 months – more cloud computing with editing docs on the go
  • Skimble is great for 6 months – you exercise on the go. Your phone has a purpose beyond music during workouts!
  • Wall Street Journal for a spankin’ whole year – never miss extensive news for a year!

I must say that Samsung is intelligent in trying to get its customer base to trade up their old phones for the Samsung S5.  Paying for all these services separately will cost you more than the phone itself!

But if you’re seriously considering getting the Galaxy S5 as your new phone, I would suggest the following:

1. Quote your phone on and see how much you can get for it

2. Check your cell phone provider and see if you’re up for a new contract

You can do steps 1 and/or 2.  If you don’t want to extend your cell phone contract, you can always get the cash you make for selling your phones at TechPayout and buy the S5 at the retail price.

It’s certainly a win win situation at this point!


Samsung S5 Gifts -Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones-2 Samsung S5 Gifts -Techpayout-buy-back-cell-phones