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There has been a lot of exciting news in the world of mobile tech over the last month. If you have not already heard, Google is entering the industry of wearable technology at full speed with a recent announcement about Android Wear, its latest development. This revolutionary software will transform Google’s industry leading smartphone technology to consumers’ wrists, where it can be easily accessed via a smartwatch. On average, Google stated people check their smartphones more than 120 times each day. It believes it can reduce this frequency with the software supporting Android Wear, the watch of the 21st century.
Android Wear takes smartphone software to the next level, allowing Google Now notifications to be delivered (literally) into the hands of every person, following the philosophy that information should move with you. Voice commands grant you the ability to find valuable or relevant information based on the current time and location, all of which is accessible while on the move. There is no longer a need to take out your phone more than 120 times a day, when the most relevant information and notifications are delivered directly to your smartwatch, wrapped snug around your wrist.
These cutting edge timepieces are heavily driven by applications, and designed in a manner that is both functional and fashionable, following the traditional approach of watch design.

What Android Wear Can Do For You

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Google’s intent behind Android Wear is to deliver relevant information that freely moves with people, removing smartphones from the fingertips and placing infinite access to information onto the wrists of each person. Though it is a watch, its capabilities extend far beyond simply telling time. This wearable wonder will offer suggestions based on the relevance of time and the geolocation information.
Android Wear users will now be able to map out the length of time it takes to get to their desired destination all with a glance at the smartwatch device. For people who are traveling into an unfamiliar area, it will be less scary and more useful when your smartwatch reveals real-time navigational data directly to your wrist.
Google Android Wear will also provide its users with information about potential dangers found in certain locations. This is disruptive technology that will not only transform the way you interact we technology, but it could also result in more time and money saved. The danger alerts and notifications can also potentially save our lives.
The whole idea of struggling to find your smartphone in your pocket or handbag will soon be a distant memory. Fingertips will no longer be occupied numerous times throughout the day with smartphones, as people browse through important notifications or search locations via Google Maps. All of the applications we use on a daily basis will now be available via real-time updates on our wrists.

Creates More Time and Space for Family and Close Friends

Google designed Android Wear with the following philosophy: Strive to reduce the amount of time we spend checking our smartphones by creating a device that encourages more face-to-face interactions with the people around us, especially those we love.
Google has experimented with other forms of technology with the same philosophy in mind. However, Android Wear is the first of its kind in the wearable world, allowing smartphone software-powered device to feel much more natural by attaching them to our bodies.
A college student having lunch with his mother is capable of casually glancing at his smartwatch to track the time of his commute across town to make it to class on time. There is no need to lay a smartphone out on the table or obtrusively check devices in the presence of others, especially during meaningful conversations with loved ones. So many have complained about smartphones halting and disrupting conversations. With Android Wear, this is no longer an issue. With a simple glance at our smartwatches, Google Now notifications allow us to instantly retrieve contextually relevant information in any given moment.

Okay Google: Voice Command on Your Wrist

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We all crave technology that keeps us connected digitally and physically, and there is nothing more endearing than a mother who receives a message on Google Hangouts from her daughter off in college. No more missing phone calls, when we have smartphone software permanently attached to our bodies. The mother can simply lift her hand and speak with her daughter via Google Hangouts on her smartwatch.
Most Google users are familiar with Okay Google, the voice command software that allows users to ask smartphones for information. Android Wear smartwatches are capable of answering questions like: What is the weather forecast today? or What time is my bus commute? or How many calories are in a banana?
With the Android Wear operating system, users are not limited with “Okay Google” commands. Each is capable of setting morning alarms, sending and receiving text messages or calling taxi drivers. All actions can be now be done without the use of our fingertips with this software.

Android Wear Now

Currently, Android Wear software has shown more promising results than Google Glass has during its entire year on the market, and this is largely due to its software integration into the following hardware devices: Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.
With its disruptive software, Android Wear has a lot of potential in the market. However, it still poses a lot of unanswered questions like, how long the battery will last and how applications will perform. A lot of people are also curious about its compatibility with i0S devices. Historically though, Google has successfully integrated a lot of its platforms into Apple’s iPhone and iPad hardware.
Regardless of all our unanswered questions, we are all very excited for its release and the integration of ‘Okay Google’ voice command software into a wearable technology timepiece that is is both fashionable and functional and easily accessible via our wrists.
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Posted By: Jason Petrivich
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