When you retire your old smartphone for the latest model, or your worn tablet finally powers on for the last time, tossing the device in the garbage can seem like the logical step. Why keep something that doesn’t work? Why stash away a phone that is outdated?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that your old devices are not garbage. Rather than tossing them away, you should recycle them. It’s easy, it’s free and you can feel good about protecting the environment.

Here are 10 great reasons why you should keep your old devices out of the garbage and into a recycling program.

1. It’s Easy. We get it. You’ve probably got your new device already in hand, so you don’t need your old one lying around. Aside from dropping off your device at a local recycling center, you can also sell it for cash. All it takes is three steps: get a quote, ship the device and get paid.

2. It’s Safe. No one needs to know about what’s on your phone but you. Reputable companies destroy all data either by overwriting it or using a magnetic strip. This is much safer than just tossing your device in the garbage where it can be later collected by thieves.

3. It’s Clean. There are all kinds of toxins in electronics, including lead, mercury and arsenic. When this gets into the landfills, it can leak into our water systems. Do you really want to contribute to this problem, or do you want to do the world a favor and recycle your device?

4. It Reduces E-Waste. The world already has enough e-waste. According to United Nations, the world produced 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste in 2014 alone. Recycling your old devices reduces e-waste significantly. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

5. Your Device is Valuable. Even if your iPhone screen is cracked or your Galaxy Tab doesn’t turn on, electronics are not made from paper and plastic. They are made from precious metals such as gold, copper, silver and palladium. This can be melted down and reused for other things.

6. You Can Earn Money. Sell your old tablet or phone for real money. Rather than trying to sell the device on your own, meet with people, answer questions, etc., all you have to do is fill out information on your device, obtain a quote and mail your phone in – for FREE. Once the phone is received, you get the payment.

7. It Helps Others. If your device is still in decent working condition, it can go on to someone else. Many companies that buy used electronics will turn these products over to the reuse market. Schools, soldiers abroad and lower-income families receive the devices.

8. It’s Legal. You don’t want a criminal record over a computer, right? Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia have banned electronics from being disposed in landfills. Check out this state-by-state comparison chart to see what the laws in your state are.

9. Everyone is Doing It. Peer pressure. Sometimes it can be a good thing. With more states having banned e-waste, people are keeping their old devices out of the landfills. In fact, caring about the environment is a great trait to have these days!

10. It Feels Good. When you recycle your old device, you get the feel-good feeling that you’ve cut down on e-waste and potentially helped someone else.

If you’ve got an old device that you don’t need anymore, visit Tech Payout. In three simple steps, you can safely recycle your device and make your wallet happier, too!