We see it all the time here at TechPayout. Summertime comes and everyone’s devices suffer. You’re catching some rays at the pool and your iPad is frying in the sun, or caught in the middle of your little cousins’ water gun fight.

You can do better. With a little precaution and some helpful tips, you can protect your phones and devices during the hot summer months. And still have fun!


  1. Keep Your Phone Out Of The Sun

People are always asking us  “How much is my iPhone worth?” or “How much can I sell my used tablet for?” The fact is, quite a bit if you took care of it. At TechPayout we let people sell their old phones and other electronics for cash. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android, Tablet, Headphones or another device, at TechPayout, we’ll probably buy it.

Unless you fried it like an egg. We’re happy to accept and give you money for damaged devices, but you’ll get even more if it’s in good shape. Who doesn’t want more money! Be smart and keep your phone out of the hot sun for long periods of time.


  1. Too Hot: Shut it Down

Some phones have a setting to turn themselves off if it gets too hot. Even if your phone does this, it’s probably wise to turn your phone off before it gets to this point. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if the screen feels hot when you touch it, it’s probably too hot to be on. Turn it off and toss it in a bag or someplace with some shade.


  1. Don’t Stack Your Tech

Electronic devices use energy. Energy creates heat. It’s physics. Now, we’re lucky that modern phones don’t throw off heat like older electronics did. But they still do generate some heat. That means stacking your devices is a bad idea. You’re creating a tiny furnace. Keep them separated. Keep them safe. Keep them in good shape. You’ll thank yourself when you need to sell your used iPhone for cash.


  1. Keep It Clean

Summer’s a great time for all sorts of foreign goop to get in your devices, clogging up their sensitive little parts. It’s the season of sunscreen, bug spray, tanning oil, margaritas. Don’t let this residue cake onto your devices. Carry a small cleaning rag or microfiber cloth. Give your devices a wipe down every so often.


  1. Cover It Up

It’s a great feeling to go out for a long run or hike with your favorite tunes in your headphones. But drop your phone and you’ll have a sad trip home. Use a durable case when running or doing other physical activity with your devices.


  1. Avoid The Water

It might seem obvious, but keep your devices out of the pool. (We’ve seen it before). Even if you think it’s OK to wade around and hold your phone above water, don’t risk it. It has happened plenty of times to myself, where I thought my phone was safe by the pool but checked it later to discover water damage.


  1. Bluetooth It Up

A lot of devices overheat or take spills because they’re the life of the party: the music player. Sitting out by the pool with some tunes is great. But try a durable bluetooth speaker with long range capabilities. Then put your phone inside. Perfect way to enjoy the party without damaging your expensive iPhone.