We’re going to highlight five electronic devices that have demonstrated enduring resale value in the online sphere. During times of recurrent, nation-wide financial instability, selling electronics online is one enduring way to keep liquid income coming in. Long gone are the days when pawn shops were the primary sources of ready cash infusions for people in need. If you’re determined to sell your used electronics, you’ll find your path far easier if you own one of the coveted items on our list.

01. How Much is My iPhone Worth?

First off, let’s consider the iPhone, the unchallenged king of modern consumer devices. More than any other device, the iPhone has achieved the pinnacle of acceptance. Universally seen as a kind of status symbol or badge of honor, the iPhone also meets almost any technical requirements handily. iPhones are known for their excellent resale values. Nevertheless, the winds of obsolescence do affect iPhone resale numbers. Don’t except maximal returns unless your phone is an iPhone 5 or newer. Here at TechPayout, we are always glad to offer quotes for iPhones of all types.

02. What If I Sell My iPad Online?

Selling an iPad online is a surefire way to make some quick cash. People who sell iPads here at TechPayout are typically very satisfied. To maximize your selling price, make sure you sell your iPad in its original box. Furthermore, you should use iPad covers to minimize scratches to your device. If you use this precaution routinely, you’ll maintain a steady supply of scratch-free electronics for resale.

03. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung has provided many of the electronics most commonly sold for top dollar. The Samsung’s Galaxy imprint includes a variety of high-end smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy Tab has proven its enduring appeal with the public, which always tends to drive up resale values. Scratch-free, these devices can produces appreciable amounts of cash for dedicated sellers.


Samsung will likely continue to produce excellent new devices into the indefinite future. Only time will tell if Samsung will win its rivalry with Apple, a rivalry that has already proved enormous costs to both companies. Although this brand might not have the same cachet as Apple, there’s no doubt that Samsung has established the foundation or long-term success.

04. LG G Flex 2

Though it might not have the institutional heft of Apple or Samsung, LG is certainly a solid contender in the mobile device wars. The LG Flex 2 is a technically sound, stylish smartphone that is likely to lure an appreciative buyer with ease. This phone makes a great addition to the life of any busy, on-the-go person. At TechPayout, we are happy to receive these phones because we know there is very high demand for these models.

05. Motorola Droid Turbo 2

Motorola is another company that produces plenty of high-end phones with great resale value. The Droid Turbo 2 features a great camera and multimedia functionality to ensure fast, valuable sales. TechPayout is well aware of the Motorola Droid line and all Motorola’s other outstanding phones.