Turn Old Phones Into Cash

With a new and improved device out every year, it’s hard to imagine that there is any value to be found in old electronics. But don’t just throw that old phone away. Websites like TechPayout make it easy to sell many brands of phones, tablets and used electronics. Here’s why you may wish to consider selling your devices instead of throwing them out.

Selling is Environmentally Friendly

Phones, tablets and other electronics are full of components that don’t degrade well. Many of the metals, plastics and chemicals found in modern electronics will remain in landfills for decades or even centuries. Producing waste is unavoidable, but minimizing it is entirely possible and practical. Further, some chemicals in electronics are absolutely toxic, and shouldn’t enter the environment for any reason. Disposing of electronics responsibly reduces the amount of cadmium, lead and arsenic in the soil and air.

Many services will recycle electronics for free, but why throw away money? TechPayout lets you search for your used or damaged electronics right on our website. You’ll be offered an immediate quote, and can ship your electronics to us for free. The process is almost as easy as throwing your phone away, except we’ll give you cash when you’ve finished.

Components are Still Useful

If you wonder if your used tablet is worth anything, then look no further than its screen. Does it still work? If so, it might be invaluable for someone with the same model but a broken display.

Many electronics repair shops use components from broken or old electronics when making repairs. The touchscreen from an old iPhone or tablet can often be removed and attached to other devices. The same is true for batteries and other components that often degrade or break. Selling your old electronics may give another broken phone or tablet a new lease on life.

Throwing Away Electronics is Insecure

Say you throw out an old laptop or tablet. If you haven’t performed a factory reset or formatted the drive, it is entirely possible for someone to find it in the dumpster and access all your files. Even if you have formatted, data recovery is trivial unless certain precautions are taken. Many dumpster divers would consider an old phone or laptop a valuable find, but the last thing you’d want is for their good fortune to turn into your bad luck.

Not only will TechPayout give you money for your old gear, but we’ll also ensure that your data is removed before it is sold. This ensures that your sensitive files, passwords and other credentials won’t be compromised because you’ve thrown something out.


Don’t just throw that old phone away. Sell it to us. You’ll not only get cash, but also have peace of mind knowing your data is securely erased and the environment is kept a little bit cleaner.