Millions of pounds of electronics end up in the local landfill each year, and all of those devices were worth money to their owners. Instead of throwing away that money, take a look at how to sell your company’s phones and make a profit. We make it easy and cost effective. Explore the following details for complete information and recoup your investment to sell used iPhones for cash.


Brands We Buy

On our homepage, hover your mouse pointer over the menu item called “Brands We Buy.” Instantly, a list of manufacturers appears under it. The brand names included Amazon, Google, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, and Microsoft. A few names include other types of devices from ZTE, Sennheiser headphones, along with Beyerdynamic Bang & Olufsen and Huawei brands, in addition to many others. We buy phones, tablets, headphones, and much more. We are more than happy to provide you with a quote for any electronics you wish to sell for cash. So, if you want to know if you can sell your company’s electronics, the answer is a resounding YES.

Sell My Electronics

For more than a decade, the Internet presented a means of helping recycle old electronics. In too many cases, the item was either too old, broken, missing parts and otherwise no longer usable. However, this is no longer the situation since we buy just about anything electronic that you want to sell. From old laptops to video equipment, cell phones to monitors and video screens, we make you can offer at no shipping fee. Visit our site and look down the details on the FAQ link. If you need additional assistance, contact us with your question, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Instant Quote. The first thing to do is click the photo that best matches your device. A results window pops up showing the current value of your phone in “Excellent” condition. To change any details, just click the appropriate choices and watch the value at the top change to reflect the updated information.
  2. Ship your item for free. Once we establish an offer we send an email to your designated email address that contains a prepaid UPS Ground label. Simply pack up your items, put them in a box, adhere the shipping label and hand-deliver it to UPS.
  3. Get paid by check or PayPal. After arrival at our shop, we inspect each item to make sure all details match the details in the Instant Quote form. If all things match for the original quote, we send you payment through either PayPal or a check.

How To’s

We have an area on our site dedicated to helping you find ID#s, SIM unlocking instructions, and how to erase your phone. We added all of the information you need to the How To’s to assist you in a smooth and trouble-free transaction. Visit our site for full details on our corporate buyback program, then use our Custom Quote Form, today!