The Samsung Galaxy S9 Reviewed. Time to upgrade?

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is coming mid March in 2018, and many of you are wondering whether or not you should upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S8 that you currently own.

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According to Techradar, The Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost just over $700 for the regular model. If you’re not looking to go on a payment plan, this price may seem a little steep, especially if you don’t know any of the differences between the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 you already own. In this article, we will compare the two phones so that you can make an educated decision as to whether you want to upgrade, or if you want to hold onto your S8 for a little bit longer.

Design. If you like the popular design of your Galaxy S8, you’ll also love the way they’ve designed the S9, because it has a very similar style. Samsung continues to have the sleek glass back to it, however one difference is they have moved the fingerprint scanner – it used to be right next to the rear camera, which was a complaint many users had, because it was in the way.  The fingerprint scanner is now located underneath the camera.


Samsung s9 vs s8

Screen. If you’re looking for big improvements between the two phones, the S9 screen may disappoint you. That’s because the display on the S9 doesn’t have any significant updates from the S8. There still will be no in-screen fingerprint scanner, even though the display is very crisp, just like its predecessor.

Camera. The camera on the Galaxy S9 has some major upgrades including slow motion video, optical image stabilization, and a 12 MP sensor. One notable upgrade is the dual-aperture technology. This technology allows the camera to automatically adjust the aperture based on changing lightness or darkness. This adjustment will result in much less noise in darker photos. Many point and shoot cameras have this feature, but this is a first for a smart phone.

There are also some unique editing features for photos, such as music addition or gif-making.

Samsung galaxy-s9-camera_lowlight_device

Battery. The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S9 has the same cell as the S8 does, but it’s expected to have a semi-longer life due to improved efficiency with power and processing technology. The new phone also features fast, wireless charging.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is being called a cheaper, comparable rival to the iPhone X, and many users are attracted to the “reimagined camera”. However, the price tag is still around $800 or more if you get the S9 plus – that may not seem very worth it when there aren’t that many upgraded features from the S8. You may find it worthwhile to wait for the price to go down before upgrading, because you already have an exceptional phone with the S8.

Smartphone users who enjoy taking a lot of photos may want to upgrade to the S9, however. The camera is the main selling point of this phone.

How Much is My Phone Worth?

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