All of your songs, videos, and apps are all on one device in 2018, which means that
headphones that travel with you are essential. But, if you’re going to be carrying headphones
with you, it’s very likely that they’ll suffer from extreme wear and tear over a period of time. How
do you know when it’s time for a headphone upgrade? Here are 7 signs its time to Sell Headphones to TechPayout…

1. Your headphones are “those” earbuds
For real. You can do better than that. Replace them.

2. They distort at high volumes
You shouldn’t be listening to your headphones at crazy high volume levels anyway, as you’ll
damage your ears, but you want headphones that are able to perform at those levels. If your
headphones sound average at low levels but get increasingly worse as you increase the
volume, replace them.

3. They no longer fit
This is mostly an in-ear headphone issue. If your headphones keep falling out of your ears, then
it really doesn’t matter how good they sound. You’ll only get to enjoy them if they stay in. In
addition, a better fit means better bass response.

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4. They have wires
This reason isn’t for everybody. There’s nothing wrong with wires, but if you’ve ever spent 10
minutes untangling a cord after fishing your headphones out of your gym bag, then you know
how annoying the experience can be. Wireless headphones are now mainstream and you
should upgrade to them for convenience.

5. You exercise
The majority of headphones aren’t designed for the gym. In fact, you may need a new set of
headphones because your last set shorted out after you spent too much time sweating in them.
Sports headphones are designed to take the hit.

6. They make your ears painful
As nice noise cancelling headphones can be, if you’ve ever used them on a long haul flight,
then you’ll know that they will eventually make your ears hurt and you’ll need to take a break.
This doesn’t have to happen. Comfortable earbuds are available! Alternatively, a quality pair of
over-the- ear headphones will block a lot of outside noise without causing pain.

7. Who Buys Headphones?

You’re in luck!

Sell Headphones to TechPayout

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