5 Great Tips Before You Sell Your Phone

If you’re looking to sell your phone online or tablet, there are some important things that you do first so that you don’t mistakenly pass over your personal information to a random stranger. We’ll explain how to clean up your device so it’s good as new before it is traded in/sold.

Regardless of who your old phone or tablet goes to, you should always wipe it (inside and out) before you hand it to them. The main reason for this is to protect your privacy, along with making it easier for the new owner to set it up. There are several important things to do when removing your data from your old Android phone, which are listed below.

Sell Your Phone

1. Take out your SIM card

The first thing to do when preparing an old phone for sale is to take your SIM card out. Even if you’re getting a new SIM card with your new phone, your old SIM card has lots of data, including your contacts saved on it, so you don’t want to be leaving it in your old phone, for the new owner to find.

You might need a SIM ejection tool to remove the SD card tray, you can also use a thin material like a paperclip to open it.

2. Unmount/remove the memory card
If you have a phone with a microSD card slot, then you must remove the SD card. Just look for the slot on the edge of your phone or behind the battery cover. Before you remove the card, copy as many photos, apps and documents as possible to it, that way, you can take them with you to your new phone with ease.

3. Delete your data
This is possibly the most important thing to do before you sell your phone…wipe your data! There’s two easy ways to do this: either go into Settings and look for the backup/restore section, or do it manually with hardware buttons. It’s important to make sure that you have a full backup of all your data before you take this step!
The following data is deleted:
● Google account settings (or Samsung account)
● Settings configuration data and applications
● Installed apps
● Music
● Photos
● Other user data
● Linked accounts (Facebook, Dropbox, etc.)
● Turn off/Remove Find My Phone/iCloud, etc

Here’s a handy article on how to erase your phone.

4. Clean it
Once the interior of the phone is clean, the next thing you should do is clean the exterior. There might not be much you can do about scratches on the screen or general wear and tear, but you can help by removing stains or fingerprints from the phone..
If you want to impress a potential buyer, you could apply a screen protector and replace the battery cover (if there is one). If you want to sell your phone for maximum dollars, every bit counts.

5. Rebox the phone
If you’re a phone collection, then you probably kept the box along with the bits and pieces that came with your old Android phone. Smartphones come with all kinds of spare parts: from USB chargers and cables to headphones and SIM tools. The more of this stuff you can get back in the box (even if it’s not the original equipment) the more likely your old phone is to look well looked-after.

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