The Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Old Phone

Below are the top 5 signs it may be time to sell your old phone. In 2018 it feels like there’s a new phone coming out every other day, the last year has changed phones completely with the ‘infinity screen’, and 2 cameras on the back – every year, companies like Samsung and Apple innovate to the point where you think you need the new trendy phone on the block.

But, it’s very easy to decide not to upgrade, with flagship models costing upwards of $800+, it’s too much money for most people without a financing package.

While you should think carefully before getting a new phone, you should also look at if you need a new phone – if your phone is older than most, you will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks and viruses.

Here’s are the signs you shouldn’t take lightly, if some of these are relatable to you, then it’s most likely time to Sell Your Old Phone.

Sell Your Old Phone

You can’t install the new operating system

One of the most important issues you can have when owning a old smartphone is that the OS no longer supports updates – this is very important as it makes you vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

If you use an iPhone or Android, you can check if you have the most recent operating system in your system settings.

Your battery dies quickly

On average, a smartphone battery should last an entire day – if it isn’t, this is a clear sign that the phone is too old and it may be time to get a new one. If your phone dies at times throughout the day, or randomly resets, it presents a clear message that its time to sell your old phone.

If this is the only issue you have, then you can replace the battery at smartphone repair stores.

No room to store files

We’ve all been there, you have too many vacation videos in HD on your phone, and now your memory is screwed. If your phone is old, it might not come with enough memory than the most recent Samsung Galaxy Phone or iPhone and if you’re someone who can’t control how many photos/videos you take, it’s a good idea to upgrade your phone.

Your phone lags

Old phones are typically more vulnerable to lagging than new ones – this is due to memory restraints, and old CPUs that can’t manage modern applications – if your apps constantly freeze and shut down, it’s a sign that you need a new phone.

You can check if your CPU is the problem by moving all of your photos and videos to a storage provider like Dropbox, and keeping the memory on your phone free to process applications.

Cracks on your phone

If there’s any kind of crack on your phone, you need a new one. If your phone is old, then it will usually cost more to fix than just buying a new device and having a cracked device can damage your skin, along with allowing bacteria to easily reach into the phone.

For most people, the best way to upgrade is to sell your old phone, as it contributes towards the cost of your new device. At TechPayout you can easily Sell or Trade-in Your Old Phone in 3 Easy Steps. Take a look at our site today to see how much your old phone is worth.