How Often Should I Upgrade My Phone?

It’s 2018 and your smartphone runs so many areas of people’s personal and business needs but it’s difficult to not become dependant on one when managing everything in life.

Sometimes, this dependence can become an issue, if your phone will no longer update to the newest operating system, or it crashes more often due to new viruses and exploits.

So the question is, how How Often Should I Upgrade My Phone?

Upgrade My Phone

The answer is generally, the average person upgrades their phone every 2 years. Note though that this is for everyday people, not specifically people that need a smartphone for work and if you are a business person, then the need for a functioning phone is vital to your success, because of this, it’s normal to upgrade your phone every year to ensure that your work is never interrupted.

These days, carriers will usually offer upgrade plans to help you have the newest phone on the block with ease but this isn’t true all the time, especially if you bought the phone from a third party, or at full retail price.

This is where TechPayout comes in as we offer trade-in services which offers cold hard cash – which will pay for a significant portion of your upgrade.

If you’re in college, then having the most up to date phone can be important to stay on top of trends. TechPayout’s trade in service can help with this as we accept almost all types of phones, so if you’re looking to sell your old Huawei phone, or your Garmin watch that you thought you’d use but never did, Techpayout is the right place to exchange quickly and efficiently for $$$.

For a summary, here are some reasons as to why you should trade-in your old phone:

• Social aspect – Have the newest phone available
• Reliability – Make sure that your work is never interrupted
• Fashion – If looking good is important to you, then having the latest phone is one of the most important aspects of the ‘instagram lifestyle’ – trade-in your unwanted phones for a new one.
• Convenience – With a modern phone comes new features, better cameras, and better designs, a new phone will make your life easier

TechPayout buys Samsung, Huawei, and Google phones along with smart watches like Garmin. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get the a new, modern phone that will last longer.