Getting your work finished on time can be difficult, but getting the most out of your business phone shouldn’t be. If your phone battery drains quickly, or if your phone’s screen is too small to cover all the tasks needed to get your work done, it means that the work process on your phone isn’t efficient and it’s time to consider upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Not only does the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer the stability and engineered safety software that hard working people require, but it also features unique multitasking features that make it much easier to work on the go. Still not sure about upgrading? Here are some reasons as to why the S9 should be your next work smartphone:

An Amazing Infinity Display
With a larger screen, you’re able to do much more on your phone. The S9 comes with a large screen measured at 5.8 inches diagonally, and the S9+ is 6.2 inches. With these unique, full-body screens, you get the best experience when working on the go with your smartphone.

App Pairing Is Simple
If you’re a working person, then you’re normally multitasking different activities, with app pariing you’re able to split your phone screen into two different apps, and because of the large infinity display, you have enough room to work with.

Enterprise Level Security
Most smartphones will come with basic security, but nothing unique. Samsung uses the ‘Knox System’, which is a defense-grade security platform to keep you protected from any threats. Knox also works with other enterprise security solutions, ensuring peace of mind for the user.

Advanced Biometrics To Keep Files Safe
Protecting your work data on your smartphone is extremely important, but it should also be easy to access, with biometric authentications, it keeps your documents safe while maintaining a simple method of accessing them. There’s no need for authentication codes, lengthly passwords, etc. With fingerprint scanning and facial recognition software at the forefront of the S9, your data is safe.

Secure Folder Features
On your work phone, you might also want personal applications which help you manage other aspects of life, but you might also want your personal & business data separate. With Secure Folders, you can select where to put your personal information and where to put your business information. You can also protect certain applications/files with biometric authorizations. For Enterprises, this solution is relevant due to the importance of keeping both personal and business data secure.

A Mobile-Powered Desktop Experience
If you work at an office, or travel worldwide, the S9 works with Samsung DeX, which is a machine that transforms your smartphone into a smart desktop! With DeX, there’s no need to carry a laptop – all you need is a monitor, keyboard and mouse. DeX also charges your S9!

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