I was speaking with a friend yesterday and told him that TechPayout buys a lot of used Garmin devices and he was surprised. That’s because most of us still think of Garmin as being the GPS navigation company from the 90s. I can still hear my fathers voice complaining that the Garmin told him to take “that route” and it added an extra 3 hours onto their trip. But the good news for Garmin is that they never stopped innovating.

Unlike a company like Apple that releases maybe 20 new products a year – Garmin probably releases hundreds of new products every year across multiple categories, albeit most of them are iterations of previous models. Although GPS car navigator are still there, Garmin is now also huge in the fitness smartwatch category. Garmin smartwatches are marketed for runners, swimmers, golfers, cyclers, iron men and even plain old fashionable folks.

But even past their smartwatches, Garmin makes products for hiking, camping, hunting, aviation, diving, fishing and so much more. So what makes Garmin products so desirable? Two things come to mind: Reliability and Specificity. Simply put, they make products that fill the gaps in the market and they make them extremely well.

Garmin knows their customers. They know that the people who buy their products are the outdoorsy, athletic types. They know that their products will be put through the ringer on a daily basis being dropped, getting wet and muddy.

On a weekly basis TechPayout receives a fair amount of Garmin Fenix Smartwatches, Forerunner and Vivoactive models. Its rare that the devices ever have major wear or damage. More often that not, these smartwatches are in Excellent condition even after being used by previous owners for extended periods of time.

I can’t speak highly enough about Garmin. Next time you’re in the market for a new smartwatch or other GPS device, take a good look at Garmin. And know that TechPayout will buy your old device to help pay for your new one!

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