In less than a week Apple will be unveiling their newest addition to the family – the iPhone SE 2020 (otherwise known as the iPhone SE2). It’s been almost 4 years since Apple released their first budget friendly iPhone SE. Through 2016 and 2017, Apple sold millions of these little guys but truthfully they were overproduced and were undercut by competitors, leaving surplus which eventually was sold at heavily discounted prices. Competitors like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi did a great job of selling tens of millions of budget friendly phones with more features in markets like India and China where Apple had hoped to gain a stronghold. 

It wasn’t exactly a failure for Apple though. The SE was basically a glorified iPhone 5/5S and kept the same mould which undoubtably saved them tons of money in production. The SE was also an easy way to upsell to the iPhone 7. For just a “little” more money, the customer could get a slightly larger phone, better camera, faster processor. Yep, Apple has always been the king of the UPSELL.

Sell my iPhone SE 2020

In 2018, Apple again changed the game and pushed the envelope beyond anyones expectations of how much a manufacturer could charge customers for their electronics. Analysts believed that the iPhone X was too expensive and customers would gravitate towards the lower priced iPhone 8 but they were wrong. The iPhone 8 did moderately well but most Apple devotees eventually switched over to the buttonless iPhone X or held off a little longer for the iPhone XR/XS. Profits and demand have soared since…until COVID-19 took over 2020 and beyond.

Here we are. In the middle of a global pandemic. When the world is on lockdown. When the big box stores have closed. So what is the demand for a new smartphone? How many people are itching for a new phone when they’ve barely left their homes in the past 1-2 months. 

Doom and gloom aside, the timing is actually pretty good for Apple. For the moment Americans are still spending money on some superfluous items. The fact that the iPhone SE 2020 starts at $399 and is basically an updated iPhone 8 is tremendous. Had Apple been launching the iPhone 12 right now at $700-$1300, it probably would have been a disaster. 

iPhone SE 2020 iPhone SE iPhone 8
Display size 4.7-inch Retina HD 4-inch  4.7-inch 
Weight 5.22 oz 3.99 oz 5.22 oz
iOS iOS 13 iOS 9.3 iOS 11
Camera 12-megapixel  12-megapixel  12-megapixel 
Front-facing camera  7-megapixel  1.2-megapixel  7-megapixel 
Processor Apple A13 Bionic  Apple A9  Apple A13 Bionic 
Launch Price $399/449/549 $399/499 $699/899


TechPayout’s advice is that if you need to upgrade your phone and can muster up $400, now is a great time to do it!

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