CyanogenMod & Oppo N1 Team Up: TechPayout Review


For the last few years CyanogenMod has been making a big name for themselves on the Android scene providing the ultimate in customization and productivity for the OS. Previously you had to be rooted, thus voiding the warranty on your device, to enjoy the feature rich alternative to your stock Android experience.

CyanogenMod creator, Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen), wanted a better way to reach more of the Android demographic and in April of 2013 took his hobby of developing the Android platform and created Cyanogen Inc. with the help of Kirt McMaster (Co-Founder of Boost Mobile, and a former manager at Sony of America, Sega, and Spike TV), who is now CEO of the company.

Steve Kondik and company announced a partnership with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo in mid-September, with the goal of bringing “the perfect Android device”. That device is here, now, officially launched Christmas Eve 2013, the Oppo N1 is the culmination of the collaboration between Cyanogen Inc. and Oppo. The details of the agreement state that stable versions of CyanogenMod would be available as updates for the special edition Oppo N1, allowing the casual users that are not comfortable with rooting, the benefits of running CyanogenMod on their devices without worry of damage to their new gadgets. By the way, TechPayout is the #1website to Sell your old cell phone online for cash and yes we will buy your old rooted Android phone.

Warranty support and software support is available for those who take the stable updates, however if you opt to flash nightly builds, you’re on your own. Cyanogen Inc. has also provided their source code for enthusiast developers to build upon as well as offering up factory images of the OS to recover your device if something goes wrong.

The Oppo N1, while not an overly impressive processing powerhouse, does boast some pretty incredible features. With a Snapdragon Quad-Core processor, it’s certainly capable of running CM and the massive amount of modifications and feature additions the OS brings to the table. The 5.9 inch, full HD screen rivals some of the more popular devices from well-known manufacturers Samsung and HTC. The O Touch feature is a brilliant new addition to the world of smartphones giving the user a rear touch pad to scroll, click, and snap photos all without blocking the display with your fingers. Also included in the bundle is the O Click Remote Control, allowing you to control your camera without being near your device and serves as a “finder” for misplaced gadgets. A simple click on the key-ring sized remote and your lost N1 will alert you to its location from up to 15 meters away.

Perhaps the most impressive feature, and possibly the reason for the hefty price tag, is the camera. The camera boasts 13 Megapixels, and a 206° rotation angle, effectively using the camera as both the front and rear facing camera. This innovative design makes for the first smartphone to have the same resolution for “both” cameras. The camera, uses a new lens setup to provide near perfect optics, as well as the new PureImage and Dual Flash technologies, and the app is ready to point and shoot in .6 (yes, 6/10 of a second) seconds.

There are some cons though. The price tag being the biggest coming in at a whopping $599 USD for the 16GB version, there are several comparable devices on the market for a smaller investment. Ultimately, when the price is broken down, you’re really only paying for the nifty new camera features, which are impressive. The CyanogenMod operating system, for those who are willing to risk their devices, can be installed on nearly any device with the same reliability and features, making this more of a gimmick for Oppo than a selling point. The lack of removable storage and replaceable battery are deal breakers for me, throw in the fact that the processor leaves a little more to be desired from such an impressive lineup of other specs, and I just can’t see the $599 price tag as justifiable.

These of course are just my opinions, what are yours?


By: Carl L

About was created in 2011 based on the realization that times are quickly changing and consumers are upgrading their electronics faster than ever.  The company reaches customers nationwide through their website and helps them recycle their old devices for cash.  TechPayout is dedicated to putting money back in consumers’ pockets to help purchase new gadgets of interest.

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