After a few months to a year of having a new iPhone 5, the latest model has already come out. While everyone wants to upgrade quickly, the cost is sometimes too much to handle. You can sell your iPhone5 to Techpayout for top dollar and cover most or all of the cost of your new iPhone 6. The best part about upgrading your iPhone 5 is how simple Techpayout makes it to sell your used electronics. Just find the model you have, submit the conditions, and receive cash. Make money in minutes using your old iPhone5 today. The iPhone5 has a sleek molded body with a white or gunmetal look that people love. Every mobile phone from Apple is the best of it’s time, but the iPhone 5 will always be great because of it’s larger processor, increased screen size over previous models, and it’s ability to do facetime at the first truly useable level.

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