Educational Buyback Program

We do the homework. Cash-in your old tools and raise money for the new ones. It’s simple, yet smart.

It's a digital world, what are you doing to keep up?

Your school district has finally joined the 21st century and purchased thousands of iPads for every student and teacher, but has anyone given it any thought past that? What will happen when the iPads are outdated in 2 years or what do you do if they break? Let TechPayout do the heavy lifting for you and make you the district Super Hero!

What does TechPayout typically purchase from schools?

TechPayout is mainly looking to purchase iPads, iMacs and any other apple hardware in bulk. We will gladly give a quote on ANY hardware your school system has.

Am I allowed to sell township/state property to TechPayout?

Every town and school district is different and has different rules to abide by. We will work with the appropriate parties to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Approved by you, with your students needs in mind

In some cases, the electronics are purchased by the students themselves and are not the property of the township. In this case, we can offer fully customized sub-sites with your school's branding to ensure your students are dealing with a school approved vendor. Additionally, we will send you monthly reports to see just how successful your initiatives are.


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TechPayout Referral 


"TechPayout is our go-to-place when we have cell phones we no longer need.  The process is simple, quick and fair.  I've looked at other places and TechPayout beats them hands down. I trust TechPayout to give us a fair price for equipment, to expeditiously get us our payout and to provide top notch customer service throughout the process.  There is no need to look anywhere else when you have equipment to sell.  TechPayout is the place to go."

- April S.
Waukegan Public School District