Cell Phone Fundraiser to Generate Money for your cause

Run a cell phone fundraiser for your church, school or non-profit organization.

Does your cause need some cash?

Running a fundraiser can be a great way to raise money for your cause. Whether you're running the fundraiser for your school, church, or non-profit organization, TechPayout is here with the cash to help.

What are some causes, you can run a fundraiser for?

School (new computers needed or school trip)
Church (church trip or church donation)
Non-profit organization
Raising money to fight a disease
Township initiative (building a new bridge for example)
Boy/Girl Scouts
Helping a local business that is struggling
Local food bank

What items will TechPayout purchase for your Fundraiser?

Fully functioning smartphones and tablets will raise the most money for you (certain models can generate you almost $350 for your cause). Even certain damaged iPhones can pay upwards of $200. If you have other electronics you wish to donate for fundraising please contact us first to discuss value.

How does it work?

You should have 1-2 people in charge of collecting the items to streamline the process. TechPayout will send you a free Shipping label to send the items to us. We will assess and add up all the values of your items. We will then contact you with your total amount raised. A check will be processed to your cause. In order to be considered a fundraiser, you must collect more than 20 phones at a time.

Is this a Tax deduction?

It is always best to speak with your Tax Accountant in regards to tax deductions. We will gladly work with you to make your fundraiser a success for everyone.


Contact us today to set up your Cell Phone fundraiser program today!