Social Responsibility

So why do we do what we do?

Over 1.5 billion cell phones were sold last year and that means there’s a lot of old cell phones just laying around in peoples drawers and closets. With technology changing so fast, that number is growing at an alarming rate. Smartphone sales have grown by 63% from last year and a whopping 500 million were sold in 2011.

The problem is that our culture loves new technology but there just aren’t enough ways to dispose of our old items.
TechPayout recognizes this problem and we’re here to help. Instead of just recycling your old items for you, we put some green in your pocket.

Every item that comes to TechPayout is halfway on it’s journey to a new home.

Leave it to us to find a new life for your unwanted old tech. Some items will be refurbished and end up in the hands of someone else in the USA, while other items will travel across the seas to countries where it’s harder to get new technology. If your item has seen it’s last days, we will make sure it gets properly recycled. All items that pass through TechPayout will never see a landfill! That’s a promise.