How to Reset Your Casio G’zOne phone

It is always safest to erase your device of all personal information before sending to us, but rest assured if you forget or don't know how, we will set your device back to factory setting.

Wiping your Casio

1) Menu > Settings & Tools > OK > Phone Settings > Security.

2) Enter the four-digit Lock Code and press OK.

3) Press Restore Phone.

4) The Warning Message will now appear. Then Select Yes and press OK.

5) Another message appears, then press OK.

6) Enter the four-digit code, then press OK.

If you are still having trouble wiping your phone you can contact us and we will get back to you with complete directions.

Please follow these important steps before sending in your phone:

1) De-activate your phone from your carrier (this may have been automatically done when if you upgraded to a new phone)
2) Make sure any passcodes/locks are deactivated
3) Remove personal information from phone before sending into TechPayout. Rest assured we will wipe your phone if you forgot or cannot figure out how to do so.


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